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Welcome to Mittal Agro


As they say, “The Journey of Thousand Miles Starts with a Single-step” and our journey perfectly echoes this saying. I am Nitin Mittal from a village named Rohina located near the Degana road, Tarnau Village. It was the year 1978 when my father ShriAaatmaram Mittal started the business of crops at a farmers’ market in Nagore. My father invested his blood and sweat to grow the business and after lots of struggle, he purchased a shop at the farmers market and established it as one of the most well-known shops known for providing good quality crops.

But tragedy strike us in 2004 when on the occasion of Diwali we met with an accident while travelling from Jodhpur to Bahio and my father, my younger brother, and two sisters succumbed to it while I managed to survive by luck but got senseless because of the injuries and I got back into senses after ten days. This incident has shaken our world upside down but my mother gave me the courage and blessings to take our business to heights and fulfill my father’s vision. She told me that my father ran the business with dignity and pride, and I shall follow in his footsteps and grow our business which was the vision of my father. Her words gave me the courage to take our business forward and make it a great success.

Our Vision & Mission


I got married in 2007 and my wife Neelam brought lady luck into our family as in the same year I purchased a plot at Nagore’s Bikaner road. With the blessings of my mother, we decided to set up an Industry in the plot and named our company Mittal Industries. My mother inaugurated the industry by putting the cornerstone and by 2008, Mittal Industries started functioning and we started producing moong dal and zira.



At present, with our hard work and honesty, we have created a niche among our customers who are quite satisfied and happy with our quality products and services. We make sure that we provide our customers with the best products available and we don’t compromise at all about the quality of our products. We have got lots of customers who prioritize our products as they know that our products are always of the best quality. Today, whatever success we have got is only because of the blessings of my mother.

Our Passionate Team